Following my MAP

After my stupendous announcement of turning my GAP year into my MAP year, I seem to have taken a few unexpected turns. Moving Ahead Purposefully was my goal and in some ways, I have been, however, if I’m honest I’ve pulled into a few rest-stops on the way. Not the ones that give you a free cuppa and Kit Kat to energise you. No, I think I’ve been napping behind the wheel under a shady tree.

My new business venture of being a Bucket List Coach is really exciting and I believe whole-heartedly that it is a great program that will benefit many people. Simultaneously it has opened a door to vulnerability. 

During my walk through the mountains of Italy I received many messages from people about how “brave” I was, how they admired that I “could do it alone”. This surprised me and I was totally overwhelmed by these expressions of admiration and support. Enter this new adventure – Bucket List Coach. As I purposefully printed on the back of my business card my personal goal “To take 1000 people on the Bucket List Life Plan adventure” little did I realise what a huge task I had set myself. I have been feeling as alone as I ever did during my GAP year on a mountain in torrential rain with a wet smudged map and no idea if I would reach my destination. Turns out this MAP year might be more challenging and life changing.

Enter my favourite TED talker and academic, Brene Brown presenting on vulnerability, and highlighting the reality that it is not a weakness, in fact, it is the “most accurate measure of courage… and the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” So here I am laying it on the line for those of you who have taken interest in this journey. Tomorrow night I will present my GAP year story and why having a Bucket List changed that year for me. Truly, a Bucket List isn’t about rushing to get things done before you die, it’s about living now no matter how vulnerable you may feel.

I had better embrace my vulnerability!

PS – I got my Vespa this week… it was on my Bucket List!

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