Embracing Vanilla Nice

If your eyes are better than mine you might notice that the name on the card attached to these flowers is Vanilla Nice. That’s my family rapper name. I know, it doesn’t really conjure up a look like Dr Dre, Jay Z or Snoop Dog, and for a long time I’ve thought it sounded weak and a bit pathetic – but no more! I’m embracing Vanilla – after all it is it’s own flavour just as legitimate as salted caramel. It may not be as bright as choc chip peppermint but it’s my favourite and I love it.

As for the word NICE, well there’s a much maligned word. Over the centuries the word nice has meant everything from lewd to coy to kind. Preface it with the word too and you  instantly give it a sarcastic connotation. Again, I’m going forward with pride, after all isn’t the opposite nasty and who wants to be that?

If you’ve been following my GAP YEAR you will notice that I have moved forward now to my MAP YEAR – and again MAP is an acronym for something. Moving Ahead Purposefully. If there is one thing I have learned over the past year it is that there is no point sitting around and wishing, you have to get yourself up and create your life. I have now experienced how the simple act of vocalising “I’m going to…” moves you forward to do things you would never have imagined possible.

Here’s the thing… everything doesn’t have to be big but it does need to be done on purpose. In a recent Bucket List Life Plan course I ran, one of the participants made a decision to purposely smile at someone every day. This one thing doesn’t cost anything and it may just change the trajectory of someone’s day for the better. What is really great though is the purposeful decision to do it.

I am never going to stop grabbing onto opportunities that just pop up, or hitching a ride on someone else’s dream or goal if they give me the chance, but I am going to make sure that I always have something purposeful to do. This MAP year will be a great test of my resolve and I hope to be able to tell you about it along the way.

I don’t need a rapper name like Snickerdoodle Stunning (yes Snickerdoodle is an ice-cream flavour) to be living a fulfilled and purposeful life. Vanilla Nice can give anything a red hot go if she sets her mind to it and so can you.

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